11types Pinze Ottiche Riparazione Pinze Strumenti di Occhiali Strumento


Tags: fissaggio occhiali strumento, ottico ottica strumenti, occhiali kit di riparazione, pinza bicchieri di vetro, gli uomini di ottica, immagine ottica, vetro completa di strumenti di, vetro di strumenti di trucco, SHEFFIELD, fibra ottica strumento.

  • Materiale: In Acciaio Inox
  • Marca: XINSHUO
  • Strumenti: Pinze

"Terrific ~~ durable and desired products as well has arrived the ~^^"
Jamison Peck2020-12-29
"Nice & proper. Plastic insulation at points is hard type. It had a bit spring to keep ajar & come with white plastic piece to keep it closed. Handle feels ok. With delivery charges its a bit expensive but ok as useful for spectacle frame adjustment."
"The ~~ Low's purpose as use durable and terrific ~^^"

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